I’ve went through a half dozen hosting sites and have been with my present one, Bluehost, for nearly a decade. I’ve been most pleased with the hosting service and their support is excellent. They provided, as part of my hosting package, the software that I used to build this site.

What will you find here? For the present, a selection of songs from my music collection, legitimately acquired, I might add. A small assortment of my personal recipes. Photo albums which are in dire need of commentary. Those range from my days in the Navy more than 50 years ago up until the recent endeavors in building bird houses. Lots of ‘stuff’ in between.

In the Links section you will find links to other sites. They open in a new tab.
The Site Menu allows you to access my photo albums. The Log in is for me and I may remove that shortly. If you care to e-mail me, just click on the “E-Mail Me” link.

Browse around, play some music while you are visiting, take it along with you on your browsing.

Regards……. Jim